Custom Software Development


We can help you create new custom software solutions, improve existing solutions, modernize legacy systems, and integrate new systems with existing ones.

We are working with small businesses to large corporations providing custom software development services in all business areas.

Our Mission
Custom Enterprise Application Development

Akhilagya Technology has extensive experience developing custom enterprise applications for companies across industries. We develop tailored custom software solutions to fit your specific requirements, so you'll get the best software possible.

Software Product Development

Let's begin a conversation about your new ideas or ongoing projects that need the fresh and innovative touch of our expert developers. This ranges from simple custom software application development to complicated, long-term contracts.

Custom Mobile App Development

We create high-performance apps for iOS and Android. Our professional custom mobile app developers have the experience to develop native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps.

Custom Web Application Development

Akhilagya Technology provides custom web application development services to build cost-effective web applications that are secure, scalable, accessible, and maintainable.

Software Enhancement and Modernization

With expertise and constant updates, we will utilize the latest and up-to-date technologies to lengthen the life of your legacy system.

Project Recovery

We understand that some projects fall apart midway through software development. Akhilagya Technology is here to help you finish your troubled projects before deadlines if your existing provider is not working out. We can also help rebalance an internal team for better results


Innovative design

Our team has the knowledge and skills to create custom design elements for your software. At Akhilagya Research, our process ensures that excellent UI/UX is generated from day one - not added on later.

Faster time-to-market

We use agile development methodology and our experts can quickly deviate from the plan if required.

Lower costs

Our time-tested processes keep the cost of custom application services lower than most firms. We're flexible enough to handle any requirements, yet our process ensures you'll receive a quality product that meets your specifications.


We can work with you throughout the entire development process, providing expert guidance and support. This ensures that your custom software solution meets your needs today - and tomorrow.

Better performance

Our custom software solutions are designed to offer better performance than many of our competitors. We implement only industry-standard technologies that also perform under a variety of conditions.

Enhanced security

Your software is supported by a dedicated team of experts who ensure it's built to perform while mitigating potential risks. You'll have peace of mind that comes from knowing your business data and assets are being protected at all times.